Yeah I know, y’all are going to faint from shock

So I have a CC with Capital One but it was a dormant/closed account with HSBC. When CapOne bought the HSBC CC line, things were fine until a few months ago, when they switched software and I could no longer pay it online, nor did I have the CC number.

NO ONE at CapOne has been able to figure out how to solve the problem, other than someone finally said, we can take a payment over the phone, no charge, but by that time I was $135 past due.

So I just called CapOne and got this guy with a BRAIN who said, hey, do you have a paper statement on this account? I said yes. He said, up near the top you should see your whole CapOne account number…if you put that number into “link the account”, you might be able to link the account.

So I did and it DID !! He is just brilliant.

Ok, so I made an $80 payment for tomorrow, and of course, that still leaves me $113 shy for the “total amount due” but it goes a LONG way to getting things handled. Not only that, but if I can squeeze out the $113, my monthly minimum will drop to $25 a month.

This cheetah’s in my gun sights!!

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