Reporting in for the week while I’m cooling down from being outside the last few hours listening to bluegrass music

At home ds has managed to make do on all the repairs around there with things on hand. He’s turning into a pretty good scrounge when need be. He’s also his mother’s child. He decided he wanted a steak, so he went and purchased a roast at a much lower than steak price and then cut it into 5 steaks. He froze four and then grilled the fifth. Said it was one of the most tender steaks he’s had in ages. The man is learning!

As I reported before we called around for the six tires we needed for the truck every place but one we called said a week to ten days to order the tires in. The prices we were quoted made tears come to my eyes. Most want $180 to $200 per tire before the tax, hazard insurance, valve stems and disposal fees. The average price was about $1400.

The place we found that could have them Saturday quoted us $965 out the door, everything included. So not only could Hibdon have them faster they were going to be a LOT cheaper, roughly $400 cheaper.

My mother and I didn’t get along on a lot of things, but I did learn some things from her. One is to haggle, yes you can haggle with big chain stores. I do it all the time. Dh always walks away when I start this, he loves the savings but is always leery as to how they will react. This time I started by remembering we have a farm tax number for OK. Our truck is registered as the farm truck, since it’s the only vehicle we own there is no argument about that. It is tagged as a farm truck. That knocked off over $100 right there.

Then when I went to pay I casually mentioned that I noticed they had been running specials for other brands of tires for buy 3 get the 4th free etc, and was wondering if there was any discount what so ever available for these tires. Nope, the b3g1 was from the manufacturer, not them and it was for small car tires. I mentioned we were traveling and in fact had driven two hours to purchase the tires from their store. The man said “let me check on something for you.” When he came back he said he got an authorization for a small discount. They took off another $35. While it’s not a lot, it’s a lot. So between the phone shopping around, the farm tax number and simply asking for a discount we saved about $535—that’s nothing to sneeze at!!!

Dh says this is why he has always wanted me to be a stay at home wife. He figures the way I work things like this I earned a lot more money raising our kids then I would have ever earned in the marketplace.

Then of course there was that tiny little medical bill we paid off this week. One down two more medical bills to go and then on to the credit cards.

We’ve decided to continue to stay at this campground through the holiday because we get a $2 a day discount for anything over 10 days. I’ve found more work for here and the bluegrass started tonight. To move on this Friday would cost us a lot more than that and the work I have found for after the first is just that. Starting after the first, so we might as well stay here cheaper and enjoy our friends and the music.

Oh we moved the camper to a recently vacated shaded area today too. That will cut down wear and tear on our air conditioner, plus it let us dump the sewer for free rather than the $8 we usually pay at this campground for them to pump out the camper. Hey, $8 is $8.

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