I resisted the urge to go out and eat yesterday

when I know I don’t have enough to cover it plus the other planned restaurant stops we plan on making this month. I really, really wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse but I counted the cost, really, and knew it would not cover tonight and tomorrow night plus TR. Dh is in a ham radio club which will have an eat and meet this evening. Then one of his car clubs has a meeting tomorrow and they meet a hotel. They meet in one of the meeting rooms and members have the option of going early and eating, which we usually do. After all that, I know we wont have $$ for Texas Roadhouse, unless we throw in some blow $$.

Oh, somewhere along the line I have paid extra on the water bill and now we have a whopping balance of 7¢!! I can’t figure out how I paid the extra, really haven’t taken time to look at it. I will probably pay a little something toward it so we don’t get delinquent for such a pittance. Oh, hey, there is my Texas Roadhouse money!!!! Well, I will ask dh about it before just doing it.

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