Getting back on track… feeling confident!

So for my daily homework since today was payday, I paid off one of the credit cards (if you recall I paid 3 down right off the bat, kind of fell off the wagon due to Murphy and put back on some small charges).
So one down, and 2 small ones to go. After that we have more to pay down of course, but once these 3 are tackled we will feel “back on track.” Should have the other two down completely within 30 days…

DH needed $1,000 for necessary auto repairs so we diverted some of our pre-budgeted envelope money to that this month. Our EF was depleted last month due to all the other fun Murphy strikes! I wonder when we’ll have truly full envelopes!!! We just left $100 in the transportation and $100 in food for the next two weeks until next payday. That sounds like a lot but we both drive a lot for work and food isn’t cheap for the family and pets. But alas we do have a fully stocked fridge and pantry for now, and I do have the option of bringing home a work vehicle to use when needed (just don’t like to because we’re only truly allowed to do this in an emergency situation…). So I am feeling confident it will work out… will just be a little tight these next two weeks.

I am getting a nice windfall commission check on Oct 31 so that one will allow me to replenish the EF and hopefully throw a couple nice snowballs… even fill those envelopes properly 🙂

DH is also trying to find some extra work to pick up. Hopefully that works out. He is a P.I. so he is trying to find some steady work with insurance companies and lawfirms rather than his usual clients which are just individuals. The individual commissions have been good to us, but they are terribly unstable. Hope we can find a good company to hire him on and give a little cushion too.

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