AT&T subscribers – now is time to get 99-cent iphones!

If you have At&T like I do, just a heads up that the iphone 5 is now available for 99-cents! You have to ask them for it, and most stores don’t have them in stock anymore. They will tell you the iphone 5S is $99, but if you ask me, there is very little difference (certainly not a $98.99 difference). The original iphone 5 (referred to as the iphone 5-C) will make calls, surf the web, work with apps, text… what more do you need?!

My local AT&T branch overnighted me the 99-cent phone to my home at no charge since they didn’t have any in stock. So know that they do offer this option!

Just an FYI for everyone. I am sure other major carriers are offering similar deals, so if you need a new phone device but don’t care if it’s the “latest,” ask about a brand new last years model phone and save money!


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